Thursday, July 16, 2009


With my new hair colour, I feel like I can pull more things off. Thank you accidental black!
It's at a lovely length, because I can still curl the ends and make it bob-like, but I can do little plaits in it now! It's very exciting.
It also really suits red lipstick...

Last night, I was going through my drawers looking at my old things, and scrapbooking little bits of paper I found, and making little friendship bracelets out of the wool that has been gathering dust for half a year.

I love my scrapbook.
It doesn't shut properly, but it's purple with coloured dots on it, and it's beautiful recycled paper. It's not a proper square scrapbook with all the fancy papers and things, but it's like a collective of my life in the past year or so, and it's wonderful.
If anyone gives me a drawing or ANYTHING on a piece of paper, it usually goes in there.
I think you should draw me something. Yes, you!

I also found my FriendChips. They are a marvelous if slightly tedious invention, used for writing little messages. There are two little 'reader units' and four chips of which to write onto. You put the little chip in your 'reader unit' and you can write a little message onto this chip. Then you can remove the chip and read it on the other 'reader unit', and add another message onto it.
It is really quite a marvelous thing. Very entertaining...if you have someone to swap chips with.

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