Friday, August 28, 2009

Dear Mr. Ryan Ross, of the Young Veins, California

So, Mister Ryan Ross, Sunday is your birthday, yeah? You know, I wore the badges today. The ones I made, with your face on them? Yeah, those ones. You're turning twenty-three! Isn't that crazy? So it's your birthday in two days, and that's freakin' awesome.

Well, Ross, I'm sitting here at home, yeah, and every now and then my phone vibrates. That's a text from Clara, you know her? Small, cute, she wears this sweet strawberry hat? Yeah, that one. That last text, she called me Christiekinz. Isn't that adorable? Yeah. It is.

So anyway, everyone in my household, that's like...five people right now, they all went to bed at nine thirty. Well, you know me, I totally refused that, 'cause I'm so freakin' cool and teenage. So here I am, Ryho, here I am. You know what? I feel like going for a walk. It's spring now, it ain't that cold anymore. That's not going to happen, is it? No, it's not. I have the worst room for sneaking out of, possibly in the whole house.
Maybe I'll go later, when everyone is surely sound asleep, yeah?

So Ry, your life's pretty damn good, ain't it? Yeah, mine is too! Although, feeling pretty lonely right now, something drastic needs to happen. Soon. Weather's been nice over here...must be getting worse for you, right? Yeah, that must suck. I think good weather makes you happy.
Yeah...cause everyone's been happy lately.

You know Yssie right? The freakin' adorable one that dresses like a cross between a teen from the fifties and a fairytale character? Yeah, well she's been so happy lately. It's so awesome, 'cause I love her to bits, and she's TOTALLY THE BEST PERSON IN THE WHOLE WORLD when she's happy like this! Not that she isn't anyway though, right Ryan?

Maybe I'll go find something to eat now. Sound good to you? Yeah, sounds good to me.
Talk soon, yeah? Yeah, talk soon.
Love from your freakin' obsessed fangirl, Christie.