Sunday, August 9, 2009

I like stumbling into hugs with Danster and awh-ing at Joseph and Clara. EVERYBODY IS SO ADORABLE. And I didn't notice, but I was freezing. Mr lovely Danster was warm though :3
I wasn't drunk, but I was happy, and I still am.

Oh, and my mother called me emo. Again.
Can't a girl wear a little dark eyeshadow every once in a while?!


bex said...

dearest christies mother,
SHE IS NOT EMO sammy is emo xD

macey said...

its like my glasses got naked!

Dansterrr said...

YOU WERE SO COLD. But thank you sososo much for coming because it was so much fun. :)

teeny tiny pony said...

it is! and i was! and it was!

Alicecakes said...

ive always wanted a lace dress like that.