Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cinq choses pour toi.

Tonight I will be Amy Winehouse, I've got the dress, the wig, and the tattoo sleeve. Dress-up parties are fun fun fun.

I wish I could find my scanner, or my parents camera. I adore film photography, but you can't show people on the internet this way! I have one roll of film left to get developed...I want to see the gorgeous photo I took of my lovely Ysssssie.

Today is terrible weather, but these are the best sorts of days to play Sims.

Everybody has been sick, and it's terrible. I'm so happy Yssie's back, and Macey! And Danster will be back on Monday. Yay!

I love the not-so-abandoned building, and all it's little treasures. The heels I found are beautiful.

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macey said...

i love my shoes i must go and find them in the consequences box