Monday, September 28, 2009

You tell me time and time again, it's now or never.

In the holidays I tend to forget this world exists and I hide away in the spare room running people's lives for hours on end. I have no motivation, it's quite unlike me, and the weather is terrible.
My parents insist on dragging me away to Wanaka. This was a bad thing at first, but now it seems I would like to escape, and read.
I finished the thirteenth book. Now I'll read the series again, I think.
I went to the prom. People complaining about it just don't know how to make fun for themselves. Or they are traumatized by another event. Such as a family death. Georgia is actually the most bubbly, crazy, extremely exciting person I have ever met.
And I love Mitchell. Wouldn't have been even half as fun without him.

My clothing is boring, my hair is boring, my skin is plotting against me, but it's alright. I'm content.

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Georgia Rose said...

Christie is actually the most adorable, sweet, darling person I have ever met.