Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The camera shop in Merivale sells lomography cameras.
If you haven't heard of lomography, it's like everything good in the world put into a photograph.
It's almost perfect, really:
  • It's my birthday in under a month
  • I had no idea what I wanted
  • They are WAY cheaper than what I thought they'd be
  • The store is so close to my house
  • Getting irrelevant? Yes.'s going to be terribly hard to decide which one I want. They have Holgas and Dianas and Action Samplers and the freakin' sweet Fisheye (it's purple!) and I want them all terribly much.

Help me decide, please?


Georgia Rose said...

I vote Fisheye! I've heard Dianas are impossible to get good results, and I know Holga is impossible and falls apart regularly.

Ali said...

Merivale camera shop is so good! They have a polaroid! And the lens that I am saving for!!!