Saturday, November 7, 2009

and we'll have fun fun fun

20 days to go!

A year ago, today, it was like it was today. I have missed this, so very very much.
Hysterics and green grass, and dancing around trees, confidence and compliments.

Oh, this is a little bit of mystical nonsense, isn't it?
I had a wonderful day with Mitchell and Joseph.
I've retyped this part a lot, because whatever I put just sounds dumb. So, we did good stuff and let's just say it was good. No, wonderful.

I found one of the best playstation games ever, and played it. A lot. I like going from neon raver to high-class fashionista to biker girl to super goth punk queen.

I have this delicious incense that smells like Cosmic Corner, and oh my, it's one o'clock already. I guess this is where we say goodbye.

A bientot, mes amis! (because apparently people actually pay attention to the French, and apparently I'm good at it. Pretty sure they are lying.)

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Marcus said...

"I had a wonderful day with Mitchell and Joseph."
cough cough