Monday, November 30, 2009

it's kind of fun to sit in mess while the rain pours down outside

Today I wore my ugly shoes (from the ugly shop) and I bought a pair of dungarees. Me and Ashleigh will have a dungaree party. Marcella said she had some dungarees, but they are sort of a dress. So did Heather, but she said hers are really old, but they probably still fit her cause she's thin. Maybe they will join our dungaree party.

But not tomorrow, because tomorrow is nothing and I plan to spend it fixing up my pretty new vintage dress. And maybe working on my fast food dress. Because I really really want it finished. I can wear it with my interactive sweater! It's so interactive.

Also got a surprise 'Christabelle' from Alex today. His hair is kind of like a really fuzzy soft hedgehog.

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