Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Just so you know, this may be utter nonsense as I wrote it in a frenzy yesterday without stopping or reading it.

attention foreboding
and dreaming of nightfall
want for better
brighter eyes
and woven hearts
ripped for the narcissistic word
we call it

bringing back the past
but this time
you forget
the happiness
and it's murder
unknown sadness
from the depths of yesterday

but listen to me
hear the silent words
that i radiate

it's too much to take
perhaps resort to memoirs
i can't fix it
not this time
this time

let's go on false escapades
we can pretend
it isn't all wrong
it's back then
back with you
you were right
now it's wrong
he's all wrong
fix it
fix it for me

this aids
but doesn't help
relieves emotion
an overrated word
so underrated

fix it
this is not

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