Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Today was a damn good day! Me and my mother went shopping at Dressmart and I found some sweet deals at the big G outlet store. I got this exciting pretty-coloured dress, although it doesn't leave much to the imagination!

A little late I meandered around town by myself for a bit. I bought Mitchell's present, and now I'm really fucking poor, but it's all okay because Mitchell is my favourite person in the whole wide world and is definitely worth being poor for. At the Salvation Army store I bumped into one of other my favourite people, little Zöe! (look I did the accent!) We chatted for a bit about all sorts of things and I found a wonderful skirt that I must snip tonight. God DAMN she is cool.

Today was new things, right now is to be the Sims, tomorrow is Mitchell.


ClaraIsNoPony said...

The accent's spose to be on the e ;D

teeny tiny pony said...

oh wtf cries