Monday, December 21, 2009

shoes, film and boys

I have six photos left on my roll of film and I'm taking it in tomorrow to get developed (first fisheye photos!), but I don't want to snap away pointlessly. Does anyone have any ideas for interrrrresting photographs?

Also, I'm excited to see my lovely Mitchell wearing his ~skinny jeans and his ~fancy sweater. He's getting all fashionable and grown up and it's so exciting! *squee*

Speaking of fashion...I gave into the indie fag shoe trend. But they're really really super cool, I promise! I mean, do you really think I would buy a pair if they weren't super awesome ones? I guess the resistance is over, but it's not such a big deal.

I found a Mean Girls/Glee captioned photo, oh my god...


Dansterrr said...

I THINK I SAW HIM WEARING THE SKINNY JEANS THE OTHER DAY. i mean it was him i know that and he had really cool jeans on!

ClaraIsNoPony said...

Interesting photography: Zoe
(: heheh