Wednesday, December 2, 2009

So you don't want to hear about my good day?

I find myself posting a lot of blogs to my tumblr, just because I don't want all of you to hear the sad and bad bits.

I do have positivity, still, because I am an optimist.

I bought a record today. It's Endless Summer by the Beach Boys. It suited my mood earlier.

I wore my dungarees and my big stripy shirt and my fringe was short. I really liked it.

I'm nearly finished my week-long friendship bracelet. After this effort and time, it won't be given to any friends, I'm afraid.

The payment has gone through for my hoodie and I sent my address so I'm expecting a wonderful package soon.

Today I kept on smiling. I forgot about that. But then that happened. Oh, well done, you managed to ruin the wonderful things that happened previously, just when I thought I'd forgotten you. And yeah, you might read this, but I think you should stop following me. You know what? I'll write what I want, fuck you, I DON'T CARE AND YOU HAVE HER NOW.

i'm sorry everyone, the bad just spilled out

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Anonymous said...

Short fringes are the bomb. So are records.