Thursday, March 4, 2010

I love the book I'm reading!

DON'T BE DOWN. DON'T FEEL BLUE. I WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY. I'M HAPPY TOO. There isn't heaps to be happy about but I'd rather be happy about a little thing than sad about a lot of things.

I took in my film today, all six rolls! It'll cost me tomorrow but Kmart cease film developing on the 17th of April so I thought I may as well. I like how no one really cares about this, but I write about it anyway because it's so exciting!

My parents bought me a BRAND NEW RECORD PLAYER. WITH A CD PLAYER IN IT TOO? SO I CAN PLAY CDs. THIS IS SO EXCITING FOR ME, I HAVEN'T HAD A WORKING CD PLAYER IN YEARS! It sounds amazing playing Pretty. Odd.! And a radio! A radio! I can listen to Solid Gold FM!

Kane showed me the cool house he wanted to rent today. I'm kind of jealous but I would NEVER leave home that early! I love my family!

Steven is putting me in level 2 photography so watch out level 2 photographers! SO MANY EXCLAMATION MARKS! I've got a class in every block and I'm going to be motivated!

Ah fuck, you don't care. Have a nice evening.

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