Monday, March 22, 2010


Today was all click click, "oh my god, this dress" and whatever the sound of a smile is.

At first it was lonesome but 'gleeful', then it was Joe and Zak(ch?), then it was Georgia Munn and opshopping, then it was dresses and joy and then it was cutting them too short. Which wasn't a good point. But Mum can fix it. I can fix it.

I can fix it.

My dresses are wonderful. One of them is like experiencing a full-blown tropical island, one is like shiny velvet dolphins, one is just plain cute 12 year old clothing, and the last one is lacey back cut-out gorgeous.

On another note, I borrowed a DLSR camera so expect some digital (gasp) photos on here or my flickr soon. Don't expect them to be good, but expect them anyway!

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