Monday, March 8, 2010

this blog is mostly for mitchell

this blog is for emma for being so nice to me
this blog is for zoe for saying my voice is better than regina spektor's
this blog is for mitchell
this blog is for that text you sent me in class
i had a headache and it subsided a little

the truth is a lot of people don't like me, and i don't know of all but one
i would really like to know so i can stop being so annoying
who are you? what have i done to you? is my existence bothering you? should i just die?

no, i will not do that for you
this is a free country
i will be where i want and sing where i want
i'll kiss who i want
i'll use my talents to their extents
i don't care if you don't like my views because they are mine
they don't have to be yours too

and if they are
then hi, how are you

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