Saturday, April 10, 2010

that's not like me, that's not likely!

I saw a praying mantis in Otematata! It was beautiful but I couldn't take it home. We did some outdoor activities. Me and a friend made up a world where it was the end of the world and dreamed of what we would do to survive. We played a card game that thinks it's Monopoly but it isn't. It was warm and it was cold, but a good sort of cold.

I rode a bicycle a fairly lengthy way in Wanaka. The evil indies invaded the good op-shop in Wanaka, but my new cute cardigan didn't fit one of the girls and I still found a lovely dress! I did a lot of reading, I bought some cheap seventies Mills & Boon novels and read them both in two days. I played Taboo, and I didn't win.

I haven't lit any incense for a while. I'll light some and put on a record. You should all go and download Shame, Shame by Dr. Dog. I'll even put a download link here for you.

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