Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Long time, no see? HI FRIENDS READ THIS

Since my last post I have probably done a LOT of things. I can't remember very many of these but I will try to recall what I can.

For the last few days I have been playing Sims 2 nonstop on PS2. Although yesterday I did a little shopping and bought myself a shirt (WITH RASPBERRIES!), a sparkly gold sequined thing, a crop top that makes me happy (but where the fuck did it go?) and a velvet dress.

I went to Queenstown on the 4th with my family and I had an amazing smoothie and crashed a pedal car. We stayed in a fancy, freezing cold hotel with not enough hot water for 4 people.

I have finished the roll of film in my Diana Mini (with FLASH) and can't wait to see joy and colour in my photographs.

I saw Toy Story with Mitchell and we ate McDonalds and I bought a size 16 dress for $6.50.

Not much else has happened. Curfews, late replies and letdowns. But it's sunny. It's almost spring, I can feel it. I hope you read this. I hope you comment.

ps. a bit of kane occasionally

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Mitchell said...

Raspberries on a shirt? I hope they are flavoured like the wall paper on the original Willy Wonka movie!