Wednesday, December 31, 2008

don't give the ghost up!

Guess we're all in trouble, huh?
Black clouds are upon us

We all get scared of sticking out our necks
It's expected!

And I don't like this party or the sound
Of people walking across you when you're down.
And that's it.

Come on come on
You're gonna feel alright!
Come on come on
Let's do the panic tonight!

I am glad to have this song on my ipod.
the only thing that makes it even better is when ryan ross plays it.

that's why I am glad to have lovely friends, and lovely songs.

so I haven't posted in ages.
christmas was great. I got a badgemaker, and yes the majority of the badges I have made have panic at the disco/ryan ross on them.

it's new years eve, and I don't know what life will be like next year,
but I plan to stick to the people I know will be there, despite what anyone thinks.
I mean, all this drama is just so terrible!
I plan to forgive and forget, and get on with life, cause I'm cliched and boring, hurrah!

I love you all, really.

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