Thursday, December 11, 2008

fun in the sun?

so, I'm posting this about yesterday.

yesterday...yesterday was fun, of sorts, and had lots of sun...
so much sun, in fact, that I got excruciatingly sunburnt which I only noticed ages after the sun got me.
but yesterday I spent the day in sumner with my lovely school friends.
me and mitchell made unusual alien cities in the sand, and I got my tights wet.
I am ALWAYS wearing tights. there was no chance of me taking them off.
then joe and dympna and kane made a big hole in the sand and filled it up with water.
joe, being the silly boy he is, SAT in the hole. he was only mildly wet until a huge wave came. then him and dympna thought "what the hey, we're already wet, let's get wetter!"
so joe got on the bus, totally wet.
then, on the bus, scarlett INSISTED on having a big talk thingy which was good in some ways, but bad in others.
yesterday was a very hot and cold day. quite contrary to the weather...

today, however, I woke up feeling shit, stayed home, and wrote another chapter of my new fic.
I also nearly finished harry potter and the order of the phoenix (: hurrah!
ouch. my sunburn hurts. A LOT.

song for yesterday: treehugger - antsy pants
song for today: intermission - panic at the disco

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