Tuesday, December 9, 2008

circus tunes from record players.

today, omg.

today was a day of hot and cold.
my sister had stolen my ipod, we weren't going to sumner, it was shitty weather, joe wasn't at school...
then, suddenly, LIGHT.
in the basement of my school I found a record player.
I went along to a certain bookshop and bought a record there that I had had my eye on for quite a while.
'circus time', it's called. OMG SRSLY CIRCUS MUSIC.
and then, AND THEN.
I was out, buying my lunch, when a thought occurred to me and my friend mitchell that perhaps real groovy had live in chicago.
and hey whaddayaknow they did!
I squeaked disconcertingly when I saw it, breathing oddly for quite a while after walking from the store, bag in hand containing PANIC AT THE DISCO LIVE IN CHICAGO.

I've already watched every single thing on the dvd and listening to every song on the cd.

plus, I get to keep that record player at my school. I'm taking it home tomorrow :)

song for today: kentucky sunrise and prince of decorah galop - the ringling brothers and barnum & bailey circus band.

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