Monday, December 8, 2008

a city wall and a trampoline...

today was...great, but for reasons other than PANIC AT THE DISCO LIVE IN CHICAGO CD/DVD because the cd&dvd store don't have it in yet like they promised...):

I had my favourite class today. shameless self indulgence, it's called. the class has a blog, here.
I made this amazing collage to put in our class visual diary which had typewriters and pianos and vintage biscuit tins and marie antoinette-type girls on it.

mitchell and joseph came to my house after school. that was simply great. it made up for live in chicago not being available.
we played piano and sang juno songs and sang killers songs and played guitar and jumped on my trampoline and climbed the wall by the bus stop.
joe and mitchell are amazing. I love you two so much ❤

song for today: tire swing - kimya dawson

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