Sunday, December 7, 2008

rainbow picnic fun.

today was lovely.
I had fun picnic time in the gardens with some of my lovely friends.
me and ali and eve are all rainbow kids, it was like a rainbow kid reunion.
we laughed a lot and played with jacks face and took photos with funny facial expressions and invented new names for things. scene is now 'thing', and ali is now 'jerome', or jerry for short.
so ali is jerome the thing kid. haha.

then I went and saw joe and mitchell and we sang new killers songs. spaceman was stuck in my head the whole day.
I had minor spasms about tomorrow, when the panic at the disco live in chicago cd/dvd comes out.

song for today: spaceman - the killers


Aliawhkwrdmuffinz said...

yayay! today was indeed very fun!

Love Jerome!x

Dear Georgia said...

I heart heart heart spaceman! AND LOSING TOUCH!

Please come back to LJ. It's so much nicer (: