Saturday, December 6, 2008

zombie jib and the adventures of christmas tinsel.

today my parents got a christmas tree, a real one, with the christmas smell and everything!
me and my lovely friend ashlee took the liberty decorating, not so much the tree as the stairs.
my silly stairs have only one banister, on the side that it is not needed. we covered this banister in tinsel, having to repeat this several times, haha.
then, we hung tinsel from the balcony thing above the stairs, creating a kind of curtain. which made a lot of mess and took a lot of sellotape, but it was worth it (:

previous to this, ashlee and I found I had a lot of fabric so we made two little sack-monster-doll things. ashlee's is flubble, and mine's jibley.

speaking of all things jib, whilst at ashlee's house getting her things, we discovered a ben ten mcdonalds toy, in the form of a red monster with four arms and four eyes. it had spikes on it's arms, which were disposed of as soon as we found wire-cutters.
then, bringing this monster home, who we named 'zombie jib', we continued 'surgery'. he was also doctor zombie jib, as we found a lab coat for him to wear. lab coat = doctor?

his arms and head being made out of rubber, we sliced off all of his fingers, [even the ones that were in fists] and also his facial features, such as his four eyes, bum chin and rectangle-shaped nose.
also, we were determined to create his bald scalp into a mohawk-type thing. which failed. wire-cutters are not the best for hairstyling.
whilst cutting the final pieces from his body, we played the new song from the killers, 'joy ride'.
the words in the chorus became "when the jibs are down, when the highs are low, jib ride, jiiib ride!"
we danced and sang and celebrated this mutilation of jib.
taking my ipod speakers outside still playing joy ride, we buried jib in my garden using a hoe [there were no spades!] and sprinkled his shavings and bits of cut-off rubber over his grave.
we made a grave[stick?] out of popsicle sticks that read 'RIP ZOMBIE JIB'.

rest in peace zombie jib. now we celebrate more.

song for today: joy ride - the killers

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