Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Look out, major nostalgia headed to you

This blog will interest you if you are Mitchell, Kane, Kate, Richie, Rupert, or Michelle, or if you are someone that would enjoy adorable old photos of these people.
me and wee mitchell with long hairme and my old pal rupert
cuties, little wemo kate
that time I teased mitchells hair, nawh
aw blonde kane
so cuuuute

nawhhhhhh kane
this one's my favourite, and for anyone who doesn't recognise him, that's richie on the right!


cat-cats said...

Them were the days.
When all the kids were friends.
Besides me and Kane, man I hated that guy. I talk about it lots though cause it's just weird. Looking at him with blonde hair makes me hate him though. SOZ?

Ahah yeaaaah.
I appreciate your photozez.

teeny tiny pony said...

I miss...the days? A lot.