Sunday, January 24, 2010

if not for you, wouldn't even find the door

Right, so Mum sewed up my orange and green plaid pants and now they fit, and now I have high-waisted pants. Today we're going to buy stationary and I will buy some cellophane and make my own coloured flash filters because if Lomography think I'm going to pay good money for them they can think again. Also I have some badass temporary tattoos I still haven't put on.

I have a minor addiction to a game I bought my sister for her birthday. It involves little people and a kingdom. It's pretty much totally awesome.

I'm going to Nelson next week, which will be a new thing for me.

I am also still stuck between spending a thousand dollars on a DLSR or spending one hundred on a gorgeous little Diana Mini. People say I have too many film cameras already, but I guess they don't understand my passion for film photography/collecting things.

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