Tuesday, January 26, 2010

new clothes + nelson tomorrow!

I like how delirious I look! This beauty set me back two dollars.
I also like clothes that borderline on ugly. So much more exciting to wear! (+ new high waisted shorts)
This blouse is so pretty and you can't even see the pretty bit! Goddamn it.

These delights are today's rewards for actually doing something! I actually walked to Merivale and back! There was something slightly pathetic about sitting alone in McDonalds, but I don't mind being alone.

I don't mind being alone, but I don't want to be lonely.

I'll end on that note.

Actually, I won't.
I'm going on a little holiday tomorrow, with Mitchell, to Nelson! Exciting!

I'll end on that note.


MaxineNakayla said...

Where did you find them awesome shorts? I tryed to go oppshopping in christchurch last week but i couldnt find much, is the nurse maude hospice shop in merivale? or is that the wrong place? There wasnt much there anyways

teeny tiny pony said...

The red shorts aren't thrifted, I bought them AAAAAAGES ago from dotti for $10 in the sale.

And yeah, that's the place. You just have to look hard!

MaxineNakayla said...

OH! well there you go. Timaru (where i live) is lame, and Jay Jays, OUR ONLY SHOP doesnt give us much selection. So its hard to find awesome outfits liek yours.
AH! WELL. Next time i will look at everything 154906450 times :)