Saturday, June 18, 2011


no makeup and here i can type all the words i want to type ears hurt on the inside did i clean them too well? this time it's too strong maybe the numbness made it easy to do

pants fall down not mine
cow print stool perched stamps on hands
tiny flora collapsing
fake nails click click click letters forming words

naughty stop this mindlessness
what is he doing this time? out of my control ignore it no business of mine
stood up hidden
nothing but a shirt and underwear in front of the whole damn crowd this time
stop whispering in that girl's ear she's mine not yours you're mine not hers

it's time for fleetwood mac
i'm not stevie tonight no sleeves just jeans
ears itch like the alone edges of seventeen
why is he gone i ponder again i forget to think about important things sometimes
like a bell in the night no bells heard here it's click lick nails sometimes a shiver

i think i have to find you now
i think i'll go even though it's this song
thump floor not enough need more
hands unfurling and this is the one where we think

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